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Roz’s Rice Mill Cafe in Final Negotiations to Brewmaster Quigley

Roz's Rice Mill Cafe in Pawleys Island has been sold.

By Becky Billingsley

Friday, Feb. 1, 2013, Pawleys Island – Fans of Roz’s Rice Mill Café in Pawleys Island have until Feb. 16 to get the soups, salads and sandwiches of Roz Wyndham.


Wyndham sold the popular Hammock Shops restaurant, and the last day of business is Feb. 16.


Josh Quigley of Quigley’s Pint and Plate in the Litchfield section of Pawleys Island is in final negotiations to purchase Roz's, although he is not yet ready to release details about what he plans to do with the new property. Plans include remodeling the restaurant for six to eight weeks before reopening under the new ownership.


In Spring 2007 when Josh Quigley and his business partner, Mike Benson, opened a brewery restaurant in Pawleys Island, locals knew it would likely be a success.


They've known Quigley since he started dabbling in brewing 20 years ago while attending the College of Charleston.


"I was never really into cheap party keg beer," he says with humorous sincerity. "I always liked microbrews and imports, and when I started brewing I liked experimenting with flavors."


Back then it was tough finding the ingredients and supplies he needed to craft beer. Recognizing a niche he could pour his passion into, Quigley opened Charleston Beer Works where he sold equipment and taught brewing techniques.


During this period the brewer met Mark Cumins and Jerry Scheer of the TBonz restaurant group.


Josh Quigley's brews have been a longtime favorite among Grand Strand beer lovers.

"They were looking to do a brew pub, and I was the beer guy in Charleston," Quigley said. "I didn't know much more than them, but they sent me to the American Brewers Guild, and in spring 1995 we opened the TBonz in Mt. Pleasant. In November 1995 we opened Liberty Steakhouse and Brewery in Myrtle Beach, and I was there until December 2005."


In 1998 Quigley also launched a beer company called New South where he brewed his own label. When the opportunity came to launch Quigley's Pint and Plate at 257 Willbrook Blvd. in Pawleys Island, his partner at New South took that business over, and Quigley and Benson concentrated on their new brewpub brand. Quigley and his wife, Jai, have been longtime Pawleys Island residents, and he was eager to work closer to her and their four children.

The food at Quigley's Pint & Plate is designed to complement the brews.


It was a scary leap, especially since they opened at the start of the recession. But three and a half years later, Quigley's satisfies a broad demographic of beer lovers. His brews' names are in the local beer lexicon: Longboard Lager, Shakedown Wheat, Peach Wheat, Neck Red Ale, Swamp Fox IPA and Nut Brown Ale. He also makes seasonal beers like Summer Pilsner and a dark and creamy Irish Stout.


The brewer's gleaming silver vats spurt steam behind picture windows facing the parking lot. Passersby can watch him add hops, drain wort and otherwise tend to his special recipes, and more than a few have been lured by this performance art to come inside and sample a pint or take home a growler.


But while beer is the hook, devotion to this unique eatery is set once visitors also experience the understated Colonial ambiance and rustic-yet-trendy menu. The decor is minimalist with unique wood touches like the long church pew in the foyer, ornately carved columns on the dark pubby bar, high ceilings, hardwood floors, Shaker-style maple chairs and cherry-stained tables. Outside a veranda faces a small lake and geyser fountain.


The menu was designed around beer.


Some recipes have brews in them, like Ale Poached Clams, Meatloaf with Brown Ale and Mushroom Gravy, or the Plowman's Platter appetizer with fresh cheeses; meats; hard-boiled egg; pickled okra; apple slices; a big soft freshly baked pretzel; and ale mustard. Other dishes are simply great with beer, such as Chicken and Sweet Potato Waffles in Country Sausage Gravy; or Griddled Crab Cakes with Lemon Basil Aioli.

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