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Krazy Fish Shut Down in Georgetown

Krazy Fish Grill in Georgetown has been shut down and a new tenant is soon opening a new restaurant.

By Becky Billingsley

Monday, May 20, 2013, Georgetown – Krazy Fish Grill in Georgetown was shut down Sunday evening, and the restaurant’s former owners are leasing the space to a new tenant.


Rhonda and Tim Morris opened Morsels Market at 619 Front St. in Georgetown in early 2008, and in July 2012 the couple sold the successful gourmet market and restaurant to Duff Ramsey and K.C. Terry, who opened a new restaurant called Krazy Fish Grill.


Since Krazy Fish opened, it earned two B scores and one C score of 68 during health and safety inspections. In April 2013, K.C. Terry was arrested and charged with four counts of solicitation of prostitution and possession of marijuana.


Today Rhonda Lee-Morris announced, “Rhonda and Tim Morris, formerly of Morsels Market at 619 Front Street, proudly announce the opening of a new restaurant this coming weekend at the same location. The restaurant formerly known as the Krazy Fish was shut down Sunday evening. Non-payment of rent and taxes were just a couple of the reasons given. More details on the new endeavor will be announce[d] later this week.”

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